ATM fraud warning

Residents in Devon are being urged to be extra vigilent after fraudsters target ATM machines.

DEVON residents have been told to be on their guard following the discovery of a number of card cloning devices on bank machines.

The warning from Devon and Cornwall Constabulary comes after a number of incidents in the last few weeks where fraudsters have attached skimming or cloning devices to ATM machines.

Police are urging members of the public to be extra vigilant when using their bank cards at ATMs and when entering their PIN number into the machines.

People using the machines enter their details where the machine states the cash has been dispensed or there is a fault and no money is forthcoming.

When the user goes into the bank to raise the problem someone who is waiting nearby retrieves the device and cash.

Detective Inspector Nick Wilden said: “Police believe this is a highly organised enterprise possibly involving criminals from out of the area.

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“Bank CCTV is being reviewed as there are sightings of a maroon coloured vehicle believed to be involved in these offences.”

Police are advising anyone experiencing a machine failing to dispense cash or anything suspicious to stay at the machine and alert the bank or police by phone or by asking a friend or someone nearby to do so.

Members of the public should check for any signs that the ATM has been tampered with and cover the keypad with their hand when using the machine.

It is also important for people to keep an eye on the balance of their bank account and make regular checks.

Anyone with information on this matter can call Devon and Cornwall Police on 08452 777 444.