Attempted theft of a catalytic converter

Motorists urged to report anyone acting suspiciously around vehicles.

Police in the Seaton rural area have seen a rise in thefts of catalytic converter and are advising motorists to be on the look out.

The warning comes after an attempt was made to remove a catalytic converter from a parked vehicle in Burnadsfield Road, Colyton.

The incident is believed to have occurred overnight on June 7-8.

A police spokesman said: “We are beginning to see a rise in this type of crime in the area and we are advising motorists to try and park their vehicles wither on well lit driveways or preferably in garages.

“It is also a good idea to try and mark the convertor with your postcode by etching or painting the convertor.”

Anyone who sees anybody acting suspiciously around vehicles is urged to call the police immediately.