Axe Valley high fliers visit met office

Gifted students learn about how the weather is forecast with help from a special supercomputer

HIGH flying Axe Valley youngsters got to learn about the changing skies on a trip to the Met Office at Exeter.

The outing was the first event under the new ASPIRE programme, designed to encourage gifted and talented students to achieve their potential.

The 100-strong party, organised by the Axe Valley Community College, learnt about how weather forecasts are prepared for the BBC and the work being carried out to prepare for potential climate changes and severe weather disasters.

The students heard a number of experts speak about their passion for maths and science at school and how it had enabled them to become knowledgeable and professional in their field.

The youngsters were also allowed to view some of the observational equipment outside and were taught a little about how they measure wind, rain, temperature and climate change each day.

Finally they were given the privilege of viewing the centre’s supercomputer – one of only two in the world that is as powerful as over 100,000 laptops.

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The students agreed it had been a fascinating day, summed up by one as “the best learning experience of my life. I didn’t know there was so much to learn about weather and climate change.”