Banners depicting the history of Axminster go up in town centre


Mayor of Axminster with the Queens Platnuim Jubilee banner - Credit: Barrie Hedges.

Axminster kicked off its Jubilee weekend with the unveiling of the first of a set of banners to represent different points of the town's history.

Each of the banners tells a different aspect of the Axminster story, some historic and some celebrating the best of the town as it is today.

Leading the way is a special Jubilee banner which was despatched upwards by the Mayor of Axminster, Councillor Jill Farrow.


These to banners represent the towns independent businesses and the strong sense of community in Axminster. - Credit: Barrie Hedges.

The group of banners above businesses in Trinity Square and West Street depict the town’s strong sense of community, 

You can also learn about the significance of Newenham Abbey in Axminster’s history, the importance of the railway and the part played by the brush industry.

In each case, a shop window ‘key’ provides brief background, with the full story told on the Axminster Chamber of Commerce website

The initiative comes from Totally Locally Axminster and funding has been provided for the exercise by Axminster Town Council and the East Devon AONB.


This banner depicts the location of the town, on the site of two areas of outstanding natural beauty. - Credit: Barrie Hedges.

A spokesman said: "Tremendous support have been given in particular by the new Axminster Community Shed which hosts the banners painting team and has provided practical input in getting them into place.

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"Axminster Heritage Centre has contributed valuable historic ideas to the banners mix. Invaluable advice has come from the Colyton banners team. 

"A team of more than 20 volunteers has brought the banners to project into being, raising funds, stitching, designing, painting and putting up the banners."

Pippa Galvin from the Courthouse Makers gifts and art shop said: “Together teams of all ages, most who had never met before, have dedicated so much of their free time, energy and laughter to bring about a project that will make Axminster shine."

Further banners will roll out from the production line in the coming weeks. The group need a painting team premises to allow the Community Shed to revert to its normal patterns.

Further painters are also needed to speed the flow. Email if you can help.