Axminster Carpets: Our proposal would benefit town

Axminster Carpets has said its proposed development for 400 houses would not threaten Cloakham Lawns Sports Centre.

Axminster Carpets has said its proposed development for 400 houses would not threaten Cloakham Lawns Sports Centre.

It said the development would occur near the company-owned land at Cloakham but would not affect the future of the Cloakham Lawns Sports Centre, which the company owns the land for, with no rent ever charged.

This arrangement will not be changed and Axminster Carpets hopes the Sports Centre will continue to flourish.

A spokesman said: "We understand that there are some concerns over flooding and sewage in the area, but a study from South West Water and the company's consultants has shown that, with improvement, this would not be an issue, as the company would pay for the improvements needed to the local sewerage system. Crucially, the company hopes this will give the desired additional housing that is required by East Devon and Axminster in a deliverable manner, within a short time period and cost effective framework."

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He said the company Axminster Carpets has always supported the community, saying it has been achieved whilst contributing to the local economy an estimated �10 million per year through direct employment and supporting businesses in the area.

Josh Dutfield, managing director of Axminster Carpets said: "It seems apparent from the relevant councils that East Devon needs housing, particularly affordable housing. This plan is by far the most deliverable in terms of time line, but would also generate capital for the company that would be invested back into Axminster Carpets to help create jobs and give the local economy a much needed boost. We have been part of the community for many years and are here to stay and, in that regard, the company would reinvest and not 'take the money and run' We do understand that no-one likes the idea of building on green fields in our community, but housing will be allocated to Axminster at some point so why not our proposal? The money raised will be kept in the Axminster area, generating additional millions of pounds for the local economy. The proposal Axminster Carpets makes is from a local company in order to react to a local issue with, hopefully, the support of the community.

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