Axminster Carpets unaffected by closure of Irish factory

Forty-three jobs lost as Curragh Carpets goes into voluntary liquidation, blaming poor trading conditions

The Irish subsidiary of Axminster Carpets Holdings ltd - Tintawn Holdings - has closed with the loss of 43 jobs.

Trading as Curragh Carpets, the plant, in Newbridge, Co Kildare, went into voluntary liquidation, blaming difficult trading conditions.

Bosses say its closure will have no impact on the operation of the Axminster factory – an entirely separate business.

But spokeswoman Joanna Randall said the East Devon plant would step in to fulfil any existing orders that have been placed with Curragh Carpets so that retailers will not be affected.

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She continued: “The Curragh business in Ireland has been facing significant pressure over the past few years due to adverse trading conditions as a result of the economic downturn.

“The brand has been hit especially hard by the economic environment and has struggled to maintain its competitiveness in the Irish carpet sector. The market for tufted carpet has come under significant price pressures from foreign imports and increasing cost of production.

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“As a result, the management of the Curragh business has been endeavouring to find a commercially viable option for the production to be maintained at Curragh, unfortunately, a solution has not been found.

“Following a period of consultation on the future of the production facility the board has regretfully announced the decision has been taken to proceed to place Curragh Tintawn Carpets Ltd into voluntary liquidation.”

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