Axminster: College head says lust for fame is 'a pressure' for youth of today

THE head teacher of Axe Valley Community College has voiced his concern over young people s increasing aspirations to be celebrities.

THE head teacher of Axe Valley Community College has voiced his concern over young people's increasing aspirations to be celebrities.

Martin Smith made the comments in response to a survey, which showed that most children dream of fame - rather than professional careers.

The survey, commissioned by Tarrant Lets the Kids Loose on Sky TV, found that almost as many as 11 per cent want to be pop stars - with the same proportion wanting to be actors. And 12 per cent aim for sports-stardom.

More traditional roles, such as lawyers and teachers, were lower down the list - with nine and four per cent, respectively.

Mr Smith said: "I think the research is concerning in that it highlights how the cult of celebrity impacts on young peoples' views.

"I think there's a danger that young people will become distracted from the real adventure of being young and growing up - that's about friendship, personal development, setting goals and having experiences.

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"I would like to see much bigger emphasis in the media of people who make a difference or defy the odds to achieve their goals. I think that's a much more positive, achievable aspiration for young people."

He said the children at the college were sensible but that there was a risk children could be misguided with unrealistic goals.

He said: "Most young people I know are particularly grounded and the research doesn't chime with my experience of young people

"However, there is that pressure, evidently, in young people's lives to look up to celebrity idols.