Axminster crime figures continue to fall

Police report a big drop in burglaries and anti-social behaviour but shoplifting and criminal damage cases are up

CRIME levels in Axminster continue to fall, according to the latest police figures.

The number of reported incidents over the past 12 months is down to 387 – against 458 for the same period the previous year.

Sgt Peter Trudgeon told the town council last night (Monday) that burglaries were down by some 50 per cent while vehicle thefts had reduced by about a fifth. Incidents of anti-social behaviour dropped from 200 to 171.

On the minus side, he said shoplifting was up by 18 per cent and cases of criminal damage had also risen from 88 to 99. Drug offences also rose from 20 to 25.

Key crime reductions recorded to the end of July were:

Violent crime – down from 59 to 58.

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Domestic burglaries – down from 30 to 15.

Other burglaries – down from 79 – 61.

Vehicle thefts - down from 28 top 23.

Anti social behaviour – down from 200 to 171.

Mayor Andrew Moulding said the figures sounded “very satisfactory”.