Axminster dog owner’s warning after pet is badly hurt

Teenage drinkers blamed for smashing beer bottles near a public footpath

DOG walkers in Axminster are being warned to watch out for broken glass after a border collie was left seriously injured.

Mother-of-four Jennifer Baxter was exercising her pet Rasmus at Cloakham Lawns when he badly cut his leg on a smashed beer bottle.

Thanks to a passing van driver, who stopped to help, Mrs Baxter was able to get her five-year-old dog to the vet’s in time for urgent action to stem the bleeding.

And although he is still a little sore, Rasmus is on the mend, after more than �200 worth of treatment.

This week Mrs Baxter paid tribute to the “Good Samaritan” who helped her - and issued a warning to other pet owners.

She said: “We were walking along the pubic footpath, by the river, playing with a ball, when Rasmus trod on the broken beer bottle and badly cut his leg. He lost a lot of blood and started limping.

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“As we got past the sports centre a workman in a van offered to help. He gave us towels to wrap around Rasmus’ leg and then gave us all a lift to our home at Bonners Drive.”

Because of her concerns about her dog’s injuries, and having her four young children with her, Mrs Baxter didn’t think to ask the “Good Samaritan” his name.

She said: “I just want to thank him for what he did. It’s nice to know there are some descent people around.

“I also want to warn dog owners to be vigilant so this doesn’t happen again. I suspect teenagers had been drinking down there, the bottle was clearly smashed deliberately.”

Mrs Baxter also added her thanks to the Coombefield Veterinary Hospital.

She said: “They were really good and even offered to send a nurse in a car to pick up Rasmus, which was beyond the call of duty. Fortunately my husband, Jason, was working not too far away and he was able to come home and take the dog to the hospital.

“He was on a drip and had stitches and antibiotics and they are monitoring him to see if he is healing ok, but he is recovering now.”