Axminster elects new mayor and deputy

Long serving councillor Andrew Moulding succeeds Ron Jones as First Citizen

LONG serving councillor Andrew Moulding is Axminster’s new Mayor.

He was unanimously chosen to succeed Ron Jones at last night’s (Monday) annual town council meeting.

His deputy will be Jeremy Walden, who was also elected unopposed.

Both men were nominated by “father of the council” Douglas Hull, who joked they were a well balanced pair with their contrasting long and short haircuts.

Axminster-born Mr Moulding said he had served on the council for 24 years and now, three weeks away from his retirement, he finally felt in a position to accept the office of Mayor.

“I am very proud,” he added.

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Mr Walden said: “Thank you for the trust you have shown in me.”

Earlier tributes were paid to outgoing mayor Ron Jones who lost his town council seat in the recent elections.

Mr Hull told him: “Thank you for the way you conducted the meetings, it has been an honour to serve under you for the past two years.”

Mr Moulding said: “Ron has been an admirable mayor who carried out every duty to the benefit of Axminster.”