Axminster firm honours long serving employees

Fifty years service makes carpet worker John Albano top of the pile

EIGHT workers at Axminster Carpets, who have clocked up 270 years service between them, have been honoured by the company.

The staff members, whose individual employment with the firm ranges from 25 to 50 years, received awards recognising their dedication from Group Chairman Simon Dutfield.

He said: ““To have a single employee with an exemplary 25 year service record is quite an accomplishment, but to be able to recognise 40 and even 50 years is extraordinary and goes to underline the commitment and loyalty that has helped Axminster Carpets to become one of Britain’s most treasured manufacturing companies.”

Ann King, Ian Macdonald and Tracey Kaxe have all recorded 25 years of service, as has Ian McDermid, Axminster’s Regional Sales Manager for the North of England and Scotland . Ernie Webb, Keith Critchard and Dennis Miller have achieved 40 years, while John Albano comes top of the pile with a dedicated 50 years to the Devon-based manufacturer.

Added Mr Dutfield: “It is thanks to the hard work of our employees that Axminster Carpets enjoys a position as one of the most respected carpet manufacturers in the world. Our global reputation for carpets of the finest quality is down to the people who are involved in their manufacture and the skills handed down through the generations. It is an honour to present these awards and they represent our gratitude for such dedication and hard work.”