Amateur Axminster mountaineers get ready to 'cast some light' on Snowdon

Coffee shop owner and fitness fanatic, Laurence Norman

Coffee shop owner and fitness fanatic, Laurence Norman - Credit: Contributed

Over the past couple of months, a project has quietly been evolving in Axminster. 

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, a group of individuals local to Axminster under the leadership of Coffee shop and fitness fanatic, Laurence Norman, have decided to ‘cast some light’. 

Sharing a common interest in mental health and an understanding of the huge part arc, Axminster’s unique local mental health charity, plays in the community, the group intends to embark on a night ascent of Mount Snowdon to make daybreak at the summit. 

Both a symbolic and physical rise out of the darkness and overcoming the challenge before them.  

With the May flower-moon to aid their steps, the group will embark at 1.45am via the rangers track on what is anticipated be a four-hour ascent of the 1085-meter mountain. 

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Individuals already onboard are from a varying mix of ages, backgrounds, fitness and experience levels. 

Among the confirmed team members is local councillor Ian Hall, who will also be using this challenge to bring more awareness to ‘suicide prevention’ as well supporting arc where he is currently Vice Chair. 

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All have committed to train both as a group (Covid allowing) and individually so as to partake safely and to take the most from the experience. 

Experienced and qualified team leads will be onboard to ensure the safety of the group. Each walker will have a personal fundraising target to meet in order to help raise funds for arc. 

Organiser Laurence Norman said: “Local businesses and individuals are welcome to sponsor this challenge, via financial donation or with kit, already Brad Needs of security firm Willsecure has generously committed to supply the group with appropriate long-distance radios which will aid in communication and safety.” 

Whilst the aim of the climb is to fundraise for arc which provides an incredible service to our local community it also will be used as a way to highlight the importance of physical and mental wellbeing and foster local community engagement. 

If you would like to help sponsor this challenge your donations, via, will be gratefully received. 

For more information contact Laurence Norman 

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