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Axminster Business Awards have been launched

Axminster Business Awards have been launched - Credit: Barrie Hedges

In the spring Axminster Town Council began the process of producing a Neighbourhood Plan, enabling local people to set out a positive vision to guide how their community develops over the next 10 to 15 years, in ways that meet identified local needs.

The words “identified local needs” are important, since to be sustainable, the plan must take the views of the community fully into consideration. 

An important early step is an initial consultation, to ensure that objectives set by the plan reflect community needs, wants and desires.  

Councillors are therefore asking residents of both the town and surrounding areas, as well as non-residents who work in Axminster - and even visitors and those just passing through, if they wish - to fill in a short questionnaire. This should only take about five minutes to complete, and from this initial feedback, the group will be able to focus on the key issues, and to develop a robust plan which responds to them. 

The final plan will take around two years to produce, and to ensure that this is achieved, Axminster Town Council has established a steering group, made up of councillors and residents. Once adopted, the plan will form an important element of the town and country planning process (which governs all changes which require planning permission). 

There may be follow-on surveys, and there will certainly be consultation events and conversations, that will focus on specific topics. 

You can access the survey in a number of ways. You can use this direct link https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeCmyGZMKv8h2gzYenxzWrT7IR3OW8H7KxfzsN9Wbojn28SIw/viewform 

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Or you can go to the council website www.axminstertowncouncil.go.uk and access the Neighbourhood Plan page. Then click the link for Neighbourhood Plan survey or download a printable copy.

Or you can collect a paper copy from one of the following places: Axminster Guildhall, The Cornerhouse Bakery, The Waffle House, Central Convenience Store, Millwey or Raymond’s Hill Post Office.

You can also call Axminster Town Council on 01297 32088 and request a paper copy to be sent to your address. 

You may return the survey into a collection box at one of the above locations or by post to Neighbourhood Plan Survey Team, Axminster Town Council, 5 West St, Axminster EX13 5NX.  

The town council urges everyone to have their say. That is everyone, not just one person per household, the whole household. 

The deadline for completing the survey is Thursday September 30th, 2021. 

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