All aboard for re-opening of popular Axminster Cafe

Axminster Railway Station. Picture: CHRIS CARSON

Axminster Railway Cafe is set to open on April, 29. - Credit: Archant

Axminster Railway Cafe is on track to re-open at the end of April.  

Opening to the public on Saturday, April 30 at 10 am. The rail side venue has been taken over by local resident Jack Price who is currently refurbishing the café. The Café closed just before lockdown two years ago and laid dormant.

The opening ceremony to the public is on Saturday at Axminster Railway Station. A private ceremony on Friday night (29) will be visited by Axminster Mayor, Cllr Jill Farrow, and other town figures.

Jack said: “I’m looking forward to re-opening the café to the public again, it's been disused since it closed in 2020, which means it’s a lot of work to get it fixed up, there was some damp and just general disrepair which we are working to fix ahead of the opening ceremony.  

“It was a very popular place to go in the town, locals and travellers on the Waterloo line used to stop by for a cup of coffee while waiting for the train. We hope to be that place once more.”