Axminster Rector has leg amputated

Prayers being said for town’s new Rector as he recovers from major surgery

PRAYERS are being said for Axminster’s new Rector as he recovers from major surgery.

Rev John Streeting, 58, who only took up his post last month, has had his right leg amputated below the knee after suffering complications from diabetes.

He is currently convalescing at the Rectory and is not expected to

return to his parish duties until at least Easter.

Church Warden Karen Wilkes said the seriousness of his condition had come as a shock.

“It appeared he had the flu but it turned out to be more serious,” she said.

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“He later put out a statement saying he had ended up having his leg amputated.

“We don’t expect him back for about three months. His recovery comes above everything else at the moment. He has an amazing attitude - really good, positive and bright.”

Mrs Wilkes, who works in physiotherapy, added: “We have such good medical teams down here for people with diabetes and amputations, I feel he has been brought here to Axminster by God for his benefit - and for ours.”

Fellow Church Warden Norman Whidden, said the congregation was praying for his recovery every week.

“We are looking forward to having him back,” he said.

Axminster Team Vicar, Rev Judith Abbott , confirmed the Rector was making good progress after his surgery.

She added: “He is looking forward to being mobile again in the near future. He and Elizabeth thank everybody for their prayers and kindness.”

* Mr Streeting was licensed by the Bishop of Exeter in a ceremony at the Minster Church on December 6.

St Mary’s was packed for the service, which involved a combined choir from local churches.