Axminster sex pest reported to police

TWO women have reported being sexually assaulted by the same man in Axminster.

TWO women have reported being sexually assaulted by the same man in Axminster.Neighbourhood beat manager PC Darren Herridge said the man, in his 20s, was known to both women.During the monthly town council meeting in Axminster on Monday (June 8) he said: "The offender is known to a circle of friends. They have a few drinks and then he feels it is okay to grab the women by parts he shouldn't grab."PC Herridge told the Herald that the allegations were currently being investigated and that the alleged offender could be charged to appear in court for sexual assault.He said: "We have had two separate complaints. I think, initially, the women were slightly shocked by his actions. But it's quite a common occurrence and now it's becoming distressing for the women."No matter how comfortable and friendly you feel you are with people, these unwanted advances are unacceptable."He warned that there is a difference between playfulness and offensiveness. He said: "This is not a common problem, but it probably goes unreported. I imagine this sort of behaviour among friends, when people are having a drink, is more common than we realise. "But there is definitely a line between friendly banter and offensive behaviour.

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