Axminster skate park labelled 'dangerous'

AXMINSTER residents and police are calling for the town s skate park to be fixed, claiming it could be dangerous to children.

AXMINSTER residents and police are calling for the town's skate park to be fixed, claiming it could be dangerous to children.

The skate park at Cloakham Lawn has fallen into disrepair - littered with holes and sprayed with graffiti.

Police officers now hope some of the �100,000 section 106 money can be allocated to the area, to make it usable once again.

A police spokesman said that nobody had been accepting responsibility for the area and fears that it could lead to a child being injured.

He said: "I believe the owner could be sued if a child were to injure themselves, due to lack of maintenance.

"The skate park gives children somewhere to go and is a hundred metres from the nearest house. It used to be a cracking place, but it's since got worse and worse until it is no longer usable."

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Sharon Chedzoy, of Bonners Causeway, whose 10-year-old daughter Alanis plays at the park, said: "There aren't many things children can do in Axminster.

"It's a shame this has been ruined by simple-minded people who find it a fun thing to do.

"But, with the amount of taxes we are paying, it should be a priority to fix it, especially for children to use in the school holidays."

Alanis added: "Little children can't play on it. There is a lot of writing - swearing - and it's dangerous. It could be really, really fun, if there weren't all these holes in it."

A spokesman from East Devon District council said: "We are 99 per cent sure the facility is the responsibility of Axminster Town Council.

"We are not sure if funding is available from Section 106 funds.

"However, a public consultation is going on in Axminster to decide where �100,000 should be invested. The skate park could be put forward as part of the process.

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