Axminster speed limit call to keep children safe

Councillor wants 20mph limit around the new chidlren’s play area at Millwey Rise

FEARS for children’s safety have sparked fresh calls for a 20mph limit throughout Axminster’s biggest housing estate.

They follow claims that youngsters using the new �100,000 play area at Millwey Rise could be in danger from speeding motorists.

Town councillor Jeremy Walden said the only complaint with the state-of–the art facility was that children could jump the perimeter fence and be at risk from passing traffic.

“God forbid some youngster goes and gets knocked down – it would be a tragedy and we should take every precaution to avoid it,” he said.

Mr Walden is calling for warning signs to tell drivers they are approaching a playground and, possibly, a 20mph limit throughout the residential area.

Councillor Andrew Moulding warned that getting a lower limit would not be an easy task.

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“My guess is that the average speed is not much more than 20mph in that area anyway,” he said. “Without a school being there I don’t think a playground would be considered by the highways department as warranting a 20mph limit.”

Councillor Sue Spiller agreed it would be difficult to get a reduction from 30mph and said signage was probably the best answer.

Councillor John Jeffery, the ward member, said he had tried for a 20mph limit at Millwey before and it was found not to be viable because of the problem of enforcement.

Mayor Ron Jones said it was a pity the planners had not thought about putting up warning signs when they were building the playground.

This week Tatworth mum Claire Rodway gave the play area the thumbs up and said she did not feel children using it were at risk from cars, especially as the fence was too high for very small children to get over.

“It is surrounded by houses so I feel it is very safe and secure,” she said. “My only complaint is with the litter and the dogs mess in here – I can only assume the owner would have to lift their dog over the fence to put them in.”