Axminster teenager admits to smashing windows in town

A TEENAGER who smashed windows in Axminster town centre handed himself into police the next day and offered to pay for the damage.

Police said the 18-year-old had been drinking when he damaged Axminster Jewellers, the RSPCA shop and the bake-house in Chard Street overnight on Friday, July 2.

Pc Kevin Bennett said: “The offender saw the error of his ways. Let this be a warning to others that if you drink irresponsibly it can be very costly.

“The businesses in the town will be compensated for their trouble by the individual concerned and he will be dealt with.”

Ann Kilford, supervisor at the RSPCA shop, said she felt justice had been done.

She said: “The youth came in and apologised and said he would pay for everything – and it was paid for by Monday afternoon and has been replaced.

“These things are a nuisance but at least we know it wasn’t an attempted break-in or anything like that. It seems he was sort of frustrated and that’s how he took his anger out.

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“But it was good of him to come in own up to it and apologise. We are quite happy about it and feel that justice has been done.”