Axminster Young Farmers praised at show

Fine turnout of animals at club’s annual show and sale

JUDGES praised the standards when Axminster Young Farmers Club held its annual beef and sheep show and sale at Exeter Market.

There was a well presented turnout of more than 50 ewes and lambs and 10 Belgian blue heifers.

The event is held to give members a chance to rear an animal which is bought by the club and then to learn all about presenting it for show on a given date.

In the beef heifer class Lisa White took the prize for best heifer exhibited by a member aged under 21, and Leigh Herrod won the award for best exhibit by a member, over 21, and also took the best overall beef heifer prize,

The prizes in the sheep class were won by Bradley Pearse who won best pen of ewes and lambs. He was also awarded best overall exhibit between both the beef and sheep – a considerable achievement, for the youngest member taking part on the day.

Organisers thanked the sheep judge John Laramy and beef judge Roger Haggerton for giving up their time.

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Top price for the beef heifer went to Katrina Herrod whose animal sold for �1,000 and top price for the sheep went to Bradley Pearse who sold a ewe and twin of lambs for �300.

Chairman Phil Bird said: “ It’s always great to see the members coming together and enjoying themselves at our show and sale. This year probably saw the strongest entry of sheep in recent years and it was good to see everything turned out to a high standard.”