Axmouth protest over Tesco construction lorries

Villagers take to the streets to demand the re routing of HGVs

RESIDENTS in Axmouth turned out in force yesterday to protest at the increasing number of heavy lorries pounding through their village.

They marched along the main street carrying placards to condemn the danger to pedestrians and the “destructive effects” on their homes and historic buildings.

Villagers are furious that a condition imposed by council chiefs banning heavy construction traffic, working on the Seaton Tesco site, to travel via Axmouth is apparently being ignored

Local district councillor Ian Thomas said today: “It has now become clear that the Police Abnormal Loads Officer has overruled the EDDC planning approval condition, which would have prevented the routing of large vehicles associated with the Tesco pipeline project coming through Axmouth.”

Mr Thomas said he could not reveal the outcome of the latest confidential talks at EDDC about the problem but added: “Rest assured our case was forcefully aired and I am still pressing hard to ensure the protection of the village.”

He said the protest organised by Morag Stevens had been a great success with a big turnout.

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“It has already raised the profile of our campaign. Morag did a great job,” he added.

“ Motorists who were delayed took the short delays in good heart, and many hooted in support of our campaign to save our historic village from the destructive effects of HGV traffic.”

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