Axmouth victory can ‘never be won’

New Tesco store supplies will have to come in by some route.

The good people of Axmouth are to be congratulated for the concessions they have wrung from Tesco restricting movements of juggernauts delivering building materials thundering through their pretty and ancient village .

However, their fight will never, ever be won. You have only to think about the long-term operation of the Tesco development when it is up and running to see why.

Their plans include a petrol filling station in addition to the 5,996 square metre retail store.

The heavy goods vehicles and fuel tankers supplying this operation will have to come in and out of Seaton on a regular basis by some route.

I fear that the homes and buildings of Axmouth will be at risk for many years to come.

And we all know who allowed these plans to become reality.

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They must be laughing up their sleeves at our naivety.

Rachel Mason