Barbara Dearden-Potter: one determined lady

Victory for Seaton in Underfleet toilets row

What a rare and wonderful achievement. Faced with an overwhelmingly cogent presentation, East Devon District Council has at last opened its mind, hopefully even its heart, and voted unanimously to allow the Underfleet toilets to remain open during construction process.

Many congratulations must go to one very determined lady, Barbara Deardon-Potter, whose timely research set in motion this massive campaign, together with a town meeting called by Seaton Development Trust and Sustainable Seaton. This meeting was ably chaired with typical charm, humour and aplomb by The Reverend Jeremy Trew, and such was the calm and wisdom displayed that EDDC’s new chairman, Peter Halse, originally attending as an observer, was moved to congratulate everyone, and also to offer helpful advice to those present.

Many thanks to Barbara and Seaton Development Trust. Your diligence, hard work and persistence also shows us that your factual, peaceful, and respectful negotiation played a vital part in your success. May this success continue.

Jackie O’Connell

By email