Baton aboard tall ship Lord Nelson

Symbol of Honiton charity to circumnavigate the globe.

The Honiton-based Baton is aboard the tall ship Lord Nelson, ahead of its 10 leg voyage that will circumnavigate the globe.

Alan Rowe MBE, founder of the Baton charity, presented the Baton to the Jubilee Sailing Trust during a visit to Southampton last week.

The trust has organised the Sailing Forces challenge, which will involve 20 veterans over 18 months.

Mr Rowe said, for many, it will be a voyage of personal discovery.

During his visit to Southampton, he met many inspirational people, including a woman who is confined to a wheelchair.

“She had spinal injuries from a car accident which, in turn, led to cancer of the pelvis and brain damage,” Mr Rowe told the Midweek Herald.

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“She told me how she was once very fit and active, but then confined to a wheelchair.

“She hated her wheelchair and what its stood for her, personally.

“On a Jubilee Sailing trust voyage, the crew fixed a harness for her and she ‘assisted climbed’ her way up to the top of the highest mast of the Lord Nelson.

“An amazing feat and, from that incredible height, she felt liberated seeing her wheelchair below.”

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