Beauty spot needs you

Volunteers needed to spruce up the Glen.

A beauty spot in Honiton is in need of a bit of tender loving care and Honiton Town Council is calling on the community to lend a hand.

Councillor Les Bayliss made a plea at the town council’s annual meeting last week for volunteers to help enhance and maintain the Glen.

He said: “It is an asset to the town and it is a beautiful place to walk, but it is now a case of helping East Devon District Council to enhance it and involving members of the community.”

The Glen is currently owned by East Devon District Council but the town council has spent time clearing and planting in the area.

Councillor Bayliss and the town council have held meetings with the district council to discuss plans for improving the area.

He reported that he would be discussing the possibility of planting some food producing trees such as apples and hazelnuts to give the Glen “a bit more character” at a future meeting with the district council.

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He added: “We are going to speak to the district council’s park manager to put forward a plan to try and help the Glen flourish a bit more and make it more enjoyable, but we do need some help.

“Anyone who wants to help – we will be there most Fridays from 10am.”

Councillor Bayliss agreed to act as liaison on behalf of the town council and would be working with volunteers, including Devon Link Up, which is currently carrying out work in the Glen with volunteers with learning disabilities.

The town mayor, Councillor Vernon Whitlock, hopes that involving members of the community would help give people a sense of ownership of the Glen.