Bid to halt school relocation fails

Move to Bicton from Honiton confirmed.

Efforts to halt the relocation of Mill Water School, part of Honiton for more than three decades, to Bicton have failed.

The news has been greeted with “sadness” by Honiton’s mayor, Councillor Vernon Whitlock, who led talks to keep the school in a town setting.

Honiton Town Council has been assured, however, that the school will continue its programme of work in and around Honiton, as well as make new contacts with communities close to Bicton.

Following talks between Councillor Whitlock and Christin McNeil, of Devon County Council, it was revealed Bicton is viewed as “an ideal setting” for Mill Water.

Ms McNeil said: “It has sufficient available space, the educational pedigree and clear willingness to develop an enduring partnership to the benefit of pupils, parents and staff.”

Mill Water’s outdated buildings and lack of space have prompted the relocation proposal.

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“Funding has been invested in the school for improvements until it can be relocated,” said Ms McNeil.”

Councillor Whitlock said: “Mill Water and its pupils have been a valued part of our community for many years and it is with sadness that we see the school move to Bicton.

“The move to Bicton will provide pupils with purpose-built, modern facilities.

“We have emphasised the need for pupils to be part of a local community and have offered to work with officials to look at ways that this can happen.”

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