Bid to stop anti-social behaviour this Halloween

Public urged to play their part to make sure no-one suffers distress during this time.

Members of the public are being urged to play their part in making sure no-one suffers distress as a result of anti-social behaviour this Halloween.

Shopkeepers and parents are being contacted by the Community Safety Partnership in East Devon in a bid to stop anti-social behaviour during Halloween and Bonfire Night.

Letters have been sent calling on parents and carers to advise children not throw eggs, flour or fireworks and to supervise any ‘trick or treat’ activities.

Gerry Moore, the community safety and anti-social behaviour co-ordinator for East Devon, said: “For several years now we have asked all members of the community to play their part in making sure that no one suffers any distress as a result of Halloween or Bonfire Night.

“As a result of everybody’s efforts, reports to the police of this sort of behaviour have shown no increase for a number of years. We must continue working together to make everyone in the community feel safe.”

Shopkeepers are also being advised to be on their guard when selling eggs and flour, and those selling fireworks, are reminded that it is illegal to sell them to anyone under 18.

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Police Community Support Officers are hand-delivering letter to shops and will also be able to offer advice on stopping anti-social behaviour.