Big surprise for Arthur Rattenbury

Gift for diabetic who has joined the gym at Honiton Sports Centre and high praise for tireless charity worker.

There was a big surprise in store for Honitonian Arthur Rattenbury when he kept a lunch appointment with a tireless charity worker.

Diabetic and double amputee Arthur, 61, was presented with a mobility scooter.

The aid, given by Honiton and District Lions Club to Carol Gilson, founder of the Joe Gilson Mobility Scheme, is much larger than the scooter previously given to Arthur by the charity.

“He is a big man and his knees were touching the handlebars,” said Carol. “Every time I saw him, I said ‘If I ever get a bigger one, it’s yours’. That day came when the Lions sourced this one.”

Arthur was able to swap scooters on Wednesday last week.

He told the Midweek Herald: “I wasn’t complaining about my old one, but I do appreciate this.

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“Having a scooter has enabled me to get to the gym at Honiton Sports Centre, where I have gone from group two to group seven.”

Arthur made Carol blush with embarrassment as he sung her praises.

“I put Carol in the top league,” he said. “She is one in a million and there is something about her.

“She gives more than she takes in life.”

Carol replied by saying: “I am just someone who cares.

“My late husband taught me how to give.”

Carol’s charity was set up in memory of her late husband, Joe, who wanted his scooter to benefit someone else after his death.

The scooter presented to Arthur was number 43, thanks to the generosity of other local families, and Carol says she is on track to make several other presentations in the near future.

If you know someone who would benefit from a mobility scooter, or have a scooter to donate to the scheme, call the Midweek Herald on 01392 888486 and ask for editor Belinda Bennett.

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