Big tow for the Navy is just a lark!

Lyme lifeboat crew gets a close up look at HMS Edinburgh on her three day visit to the resort

Has Lyme Regis lifeboat finally bitten of more than it can chew?

It certainly looks like it if this photo is taken on face value.

It appears to show the tiny Spirit of Loch Fyne trying to give one of the Navy’s biggest destroyers a tow into port.

In fact, HMS Edinburgh wasn’t going anywhere – remaining firmly anchored to the seabed for her three day Jubilee visit to Lyme Regis over the weekend.

Press officer Richard Horobin explained it was just a trick of the camera.

“The RNLI lifeboat in Lyme Regis spends quite a lot of time towing broken down boats and their crews to safety,” he said. “ On Sunday, though, it looked like they had set something of a record, towing the Type 42 destroyer.

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“Lifeboat crew member John Cable captured this shot as the lifeboat sailed close to the destroyer’s anchor chain.”

Hundreds went to lyme to see the warship and 180 people were allowed aboard. Sailors from the vessel also got to come ashore to enjoy Lyme’s special brand of hospitality