Billy Bragg inspires Green Party members

Honiton election candidate is concerned government spending cuts are too aggressive and happening too quickly.

A HONITON Green Party member stood shoulder to shoulder with socialist Billy Bragg during an Anti-Cuts Alliance rally in Exeter earlier this week.

Sharon Pavey, who intends to stand in the forthcoming local elections, says she could “totally relate” to singer-songwriter Mr Bragg’s comments during the live music event.

“Billy sang and talked about the current political situation, saying that, like many people, he had voted LibDem last year, which he deeply regrets now they have teamed up with the Tories to impose savage cuts on essential services like education and health,” she said.

“I could totally relate to this as I stood as a candidate in the general election last year and some people said that, although they were ‘green’, they’d have to vote LibDem to get the Tories out.

“Those same people now apologise to me, as they can’t believe what a mistake they made and want to stop what is happening to our country.”

Sharon says rapid, aggressive cuts to public services are not the answer to Britain’s deficit and will only cause more unemployment, poverty and destruction.

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Ottery St Mary Green Party member Ana Pulteney was also inspired by the protest event on Monday, which brought together several local groups - all opposed to the cuts.

She said: “We’ve seen in the past week how the government plans to sell off our forests. Locally, there are cuts to budgets for domestic violence services in Devon, flood defences in my town of Ottery and school bus services.

“It is madness and those of us who disagree really must voice their concerns and act to ensure we have politicians who care for our communities elected to our local council.”