Blacksmith appeals for missing camera

Item lost between Gittisham and Tesco in Honiton at around 1pm on December 18.

BLACKSMITH Julian Rowe is appealing for help to find his missing camera.

The black Sanyo VPC9 flip camera fell out of Mr Rowe’s pocket during a walk in the recent snow.

It was lost somewhere between Gittisham and Tesco in Honiton at around 1pm on December 18.

Mr Rowe walked along Old Elm Road before turning into Sidmouth Road and noticed the camera was missing when he reached for the camera to take a picture. It had slipped out of its black pouch, which was in his pocket.

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When Mr Rowe re-traced his steps to look for the missing camera, he found a mobile phone and soon came across the phone’s distraught owner and was able to reunite her with it.

The female then helped him search for his camera, but to no avail.

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Mr Rowe’s camera is still missing and it has not been handed to police.

The last picture taken on it was of a sign showing his address and telephone number.

If you have found the camera contact Mr Rowe on (01404) 42510 or hand it in at Honiton Police Station.

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