Bo Peep finds her sheep

Farmer Helen Hawkins reunited with stray animals.

Farmer Helen Hawkins has been reunited with her sheep, which flocked to pastures new last week - the Heathfield estate in Honiton.

Amused residents in Redwood Close and Cherry Close could hardly believe their eyes when they looked out of their windows and saw sheep nibbling their lawns.

Marueen MacGragor was so tickled she took a photograph of the visitors taking a fancy to a bush in her garden.

“We informed the local police - to see if Bo Peep had phoned in,” she said.

Bo Peep is, in fact, local farmer Halen Hawkins, of Cuasley Farm, Feniton.

She rents a field near the estate and was, yes, soon reunited with her sheep.

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Photograph of Helen kindly supplied by the Hawkins family.