Bogus caller warning

Incidents reported across force area this morning, including one in Sidmouth.

Police are urging residents across Devon to be on their guard against bogus callers following a number of incidents, including one in Sidmouth, earlier today.

Two men have called at residential properties claiming to be from the water board and saying they need to enter to check for contaminated water, a police spokesman revealed.

One man is said to have kept residents busy while another searched for cash and valuables elsewhere in the property.

Police advice to residents is to deny entry to anyone - unless you know who they are.

If callers are genuine, they will have official identification or they will return another time when a friend or family member is present.

A p-olice spokesperson said: “If anyone is concerned that a caller is not genuine they should close the door and call the police.

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“Ask to see identification and if they still are not sure, genuine callers will not object to you calling their organisation to verify their identity.

“When doing this, make them wait outside and keep the door closed.

“These bogus callers pray on the vulnerable – we want to catch these men and see that they’re brought to justice. We’re asking the public to keep an eye out and report anything suspicious to us immediately.”

Any witnesses or people with information are asked to call 101.