BREAKING NEWS: Power loss knocks out council meeting

Honiton Town Council’s September meeting abandoned due to loss of power.

Honiton Town Council has called off its meeting tonight (Monday) after councillors turned up to find no power.

The lights are off in the council chamber and the authority’s telephone line is also not working.

Councillors were due to discuss moving forward plans for the proposed community centre complex and a member of the public was expected to criticise the council for failing to insist St Paul’s Church retains William Salter’s painting, The Entombment of Christ.

Herald reporter Katy Griffin, speaking from New Street, said: “The meeting may take place on Monday next week - but it all depends if the power is back on in the morning. Council staff need to use computers to prepare the agenda.”

It is understood by The Herald that the power cut is not affecting a wider section of New Street.