Breakthrough hopes in fight to restore hotel

Lyme’s ‘Save the Three Cups as a Heritage Hotel’ group expect positive action from its brewery owners next year

CAMPAIGNERS believe a breakthrough is finally on the cards in the battle to restore Lyme’s long-derelict Three Cups Hotel.

They are hopeful that owners Palmers Brewery will take “positive action” in the New Year on a plan to renovate the iconic Broad Street building.

John Dover, who chairs the ‘Save the Three Cups as a Heritage Hotel’ group, said recent remedial works indicate that things are finally on the move – some 23 years after guests last stayed there.

”At long last we believe 2013 could be a crucial year for the Three Cups,” he told The Herald.

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“There have been small signs that Palmers are taking a little more care of the building. A rusting fire escape has been removed and other small measures have been taken to make the building safer for passers–by and slightly more presentable.

“But, importantly, we await news of another public consultation on Palmers’ plans for taking the project forward.”

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Now the brewery’s property agent, Nigel Jones, has been invited to address the town council’s policy and strategy committee in January. This follows an update to the committee from Mr Dover a few weeks ago.

“Mr Jones’ address will be an important milestone,” continued Mr Dover. “We should get a clearer understanding of their proposals and an indication of the timetable for public consultation and other stages of the project.”

The Save the Three Cups as a Heritage Hotel group believes its “measured” approach has paid dividends.

“We do not believe in being heavy handed and I think the meetings we have had with West Dorset District Council and the responses of Palmers are evidence that our policy is the right one,” said Mr Dover.

“We also think we have given Palmers a gentle nudge over the past three years, and we would not be at this stage had we not applied some pressure. Whether we have helped make a difference which benefits the residents and visitors to Lyme as well as Palmers only time will tell.”

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