Bride-to-be Caroline was a knock-out from day one

A TRIP to the accident and emergency department of a hospital is not usually the ideal location for a first date.

A TRIP to the accident and emergency department of a hospital is not usually the ideal location for a first date. But, for one couple, it proved to be the start of something special. Twenty-four-year-old Dalwood farmer Stuart Perry was knocked out when he met his future fiance - quite literally. Vet Caroline Dawes, 27, had been called out to operate on one of his cows, which was trapped, when the animal reared - sending her flying and knocking a heavy gate on Stuart.Stuart was rushed to hospital and, to this day, Caroline muses: "It was my cunning scheme - I knocked him out and sent him to A and E."Stuart, the former chairman of Honiton Young Farmers' Club, said: "Caroline tried to knock me out on our first meeting. "It was quite unusual circumstances, but I have no regrets. "She rang up the day after to see how I was, which was very kind. I still think she's a knock out."She has a great sense of humour, very kind and loving - I wouldn't be without her. "I'm grateful to the cow that caused all the havoc."Both agree that they are a match made in heaven and that their roles compliment each other.Stuart said: "My Christmas present last year was a few animal embryos - which I know sounds a bit odd - and this resulted in a red and white calf called Rosetta. "I suppose we are an ideal match.Caroline added: "We are a good working couple. "I say I'm marrying him for the money and he says it's for the free vet services."The couple, who met two years ago, now hope to marry in a less than traditional sense. They have reached the final five of a radio station competition in a bid to win a dream wedding.If they win, their wedding will be organised and fully-funded - from a reception at Bickleigh Castle to catering, flowers and to the wedding outfits for bride and groom.But the catch is the public get a say in the event - even deciding on the wedding dress.Caroline said: "It's a bit scary. "I could get put in some horrific meringue dress. But it's quite a giggle really."Caroline entered the competition two months ago. And Stuart only learned of this last week when they were invited to the radio station for an interview. "I dragged him there as he was a bit reluctant at first. "But now he's coming round to the idea. "If we won, it would start us off on the right foot." Stuart said: "It was quite a surprise. "I'm quite hopeful - we have a one in five chance!"Listeners can now vote for their favourite couple up until Friday. To vote for Caroline and Stuart, visit and visit 'Dream Wedding'.