Brothel bus prostitutes determined to visit East Devon

Police vow to put brakes on passion wagon

POLICE have vowed to put the brakes on a brothel-on-wheels if prostitutes aboard a travelling ‘sex bus’ make a pit-stop in East Devon.

Mobile hookers Roxy, 25, and friend Ronnie, 27, say Sidmouth’s elderly population won’t deter their self-styled ‘passion wagon’ from dropping in on the Regency seaside resort as they embark on a road-trip across the South West.

Astonished residents this week said ‘no thanks’ to the saucy duo and warned: “There’ll be uproar over this. People will be livid.”

The pair offer spanking, threesomes, humiliation and exhibitionism from their ‘service station with a difference’- a white camper van.

They decided to hit the road after proving a huge hit in Weston-Super-Mare, and say Sidmouth’s thousands of holidaymakers could make for good business.

Roxy, who has fond memories of trips to Ladram Bay as a child, said: “The old ones are the worst! So are people in high-powered jobs.

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“We’ve been to places like Sidmouth and Budleigh. We go wherever people would like us to meet them. We’re heading down that way, but haven’t planned the route.

“All I can say is we might be moving to your area soon.”

Speaking from a campsite in Burnham-on-Sea, Roxy said: “This is the oldest profession in the world, people should just get over it.

“If prostitution was legalised we wouldn’t need to go freelance.”

Outraged townsfolk have reacted with an emphatic: “Not in my back yard.”

“Most people here think prostitutes live in books,” said 82-year-old Jane Sutherland-Earl, chairman of Sidmouth in Bloom.

“I’m fairly broad-minded and know it goes on, but I don’t want it happening on my doorstep. The majority of people will be livid- they’ll be up in arms.

“This town is more than 50 per cent old-age pensioners. Everyone will be absolutely furious.”

“I’m astonished,” said town councillor Graham Liverton.

“I severely recommend they bypass us and go somewhere they can actually make some money. If prostitutes hit the streets of Sidmouth at night, I think they’ll find people are tucked up in bed with a cup of cocoa.”

A police spokesperson said officers will investigate any reports of criminal acts, adding: “Anyone found to be soliciting in a public place will be dealt with appropriately.”