Bus pass fears to be debated in Honiton

Senior citizens in Honiton are to question council chief over future of free bus pass scheme.

FEARS that the free bus pass scheme for pensioners could be axed or restricted are to be debated in Honiton.

Devon County Council’s transport co-ordinator, John Richardson-Dawes, as agreed to take questions on the subject during an open meeting of Honiton Senior Council.

Tony Smith, the senior council’s chairman, said: “If you want learn more about the complicated concessionary travel, which is part paid for the government but also the district councils, come along to an open meeting at the Royal British Legion, in Dowell Street, on June 29 (11am)”

With transport the theme, Neil Hurlock, manager of Honiton’s New street-based service TRIP, will talk about the many things his organisation covers.