No technology but otherwise business as usual after fire at Axe Valley Academy

RefAxe Valley Academy. mha 49 18TI 6036. Picture: Terry Ife

RefAxe Valley Academy. mha 49 18TI 6036. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

Back to using paper and textbooks for the day after small accidental fire in ICT room

A fire in the ICT room at Axe Valley Academy yesterday evening has left the school without any technology for the day, but otherwise it is “business as usual”.

Fire crews from Axminster, Lyme Regis and Colyton were called out to reports of smoke coming from the community college building at 6.45pm on Thursday, November 29. They entered using breathing apparatus and cleared the smoke with a fan.

Headteacher Martin Brook said: “We had a very small isolated fire that broke out in the network room, it hasn’t affected any classrooms.

“There are absolutely no suspicious circumstances, the fire was caused by faulty equipment, we’re hoping to be up and running as usual by Monday.

“It’s caused very little disruption, the students are in school and lessons are as normal but without the use of technology.

“It’s been quite nice, like the good old days, we’ve been working on paper and using textbooks. The main effect has been things like taking registers, we’ve had to revert back to paper, but it’s been absolutely fine. The staff and students have responded brilliantly to the circumstances and we’re just carrying on as if it’s a normal day.”