Business plan must be more robust

Andrew Moulding addresses issue of fund-raising for Honiton Community Centre.

The vice chairman of East Devon District Council’s cabinet, Councillor Andrew Moulding, said he would be prepared to second a proposal for a loan to cover the �140,000 shortfall for the community centre project.

However, his support would hinge on “a more robust business plan”.

He expressed concern about the plan’s risk assessments and said he was most concerned about “low to the extreme fund-raising”.

“A loan figure could be incorporated into a more robust business plan,” he said.

Graham Godbeer said he continued to support the project, but added: “Money is the root of this evil - there isn’t any.

“I do think we should support them (Honiton Town Council) in other ways.

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“I would like to see fulsome support from the town and a review of the costings.”