Don't discount power of temporary job as route back to employment


Temporary jobs can be a good way back into employment, say recruitment experts Acorn - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

As Covid 19 put paid to traditional work experience for many school leavers and graduates, a leading recruiter is pointing those looking for some on the job training to the burgeoning temporary jobs market.
The temporary jobs market is often seen by some as a last resort, but with data from the Office for National Statistics showing that people who have spent more time out of work are less likely to find a job, it seems that a temporary post could be the answer for many looking to add to their CV.
Acorn Recruitment is therefore urging job seekers at all levels not to discount the power of the temporary job as a returning or first-time route into employment, as Noel Hoare, director of operations at Acorn Recruitment, explained: “The UK jobs market remains in a strong position overall but for a certain type of job seeker there is still a great degree of uncertainty around what comes next. In fact, research shows 693,000 fewer people are on company payrolls since Covid-19**, so the competition is stiff. 
“For school or university graduates who’ve gone without vital work experience alongside their studies, or professionals who may have chosen or been forced into a change of direction by the effects of the pandemic, there could be a temptation to sit things out ‘until things return to normal’.”
“What we also know, however and the ONS data has shown, is that the longer a person remains out of a job, the worse their chances are of returning to work,” Noel added.
“And with more people remaining out of work for 12 weeks or longer during the pandemic* we are urging people not to discount the power of accepting a temporary job as a stepping-stone to achieving wider career aims for the future.”
Unemployment is expected to peak at 6.5% at the end of this year after the UK Government’s furlough scheme ends, according to forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility, the Treasury’s economics watchdog**.
A recent ONS study also found that more than two fifths (41.4%) of people who had been out of work for up to three months returned to work within the next three months*. This reduced to 28.5% of people who had been out of work for up to six months, and 23.3% of people who had been out of a job for six to nine months, however.
Meanwhile, the post-Brexit temporary jobs market in the UK is stronger than ever. Acorn Recruitment alone has more than 500 temporary vacancies waiting to be filled in various roles across the UK.
These include more than 400 manufacturing roles across Avonmouth, Thornbury, Weston, Bridgwater, Highbridge, Ilminster, Weymouth, Tiverton, Ilfracombe and Newquay, most of which are temporary and require no previous experience but come with the possibility of turning into permanent posts.
Over 150 temporary positions are also available in the north and in South Wales on a similar basis.
Noel said: “UK businesses working across the manufacturing, food, hospitality and many other industries are raring to go again as lockdown restrictions continue to ease, and trade negotiations continue in the wake of Brexit.
“This presents a significant opportunity for job seekers, school leavers and graduates who stand to benefit in various ways to get some worthwhile work experience under their belt, as well as earn some much-needed cash in their pockets.”
“We would urge anyone who may be feeling ‘at a loose end’ this summer, or who may be tempted to wait it out until the world returns to normal again, not to underestimate the power of taking a temporary position in the meantime,” Noel continued.
“For anyone willing to work hard and look beyond the present, the route into employment and ultimately getting a head-start on where they really want to be is there - they just have to be willing to take it.”