Call for clampdown on Axminster’s boy racers

PUBLISHED: 09:22 21 February 2013 | UPDATED: 09:25 21 February 2013

Axminster's deputy mayor Cllr Jeremy Walden says ther are not enough police to combat noisy boy racers

Axminster's deputy mayor Cllr Jeremy Walden says ther are not enough police to combat noisy boy racers


Residents say noisy cars keep them awake at night - and fear someone could get hurt by the high-speed antics

Boy racers with souped-up cars are making life a misery for Axminster residents – and putting lives at risk.

That was the message from Ray Bruno, of Lyme Road, who called on the town council to back a crackdown on anti-social drivers.

Speaking during the public forum session, he said it seemed the centre of the town had now been taken over by people using cars with noisy exhausts.

“It used to be just at weekends, and we put up with it, but now it is every night,” he said. “I am getting fed up ringing 101 (the police).”

Mr Bruno said he knew there had been a recent initiative across the county border, in West Dorset, to clamp down on cars with excessively loud exhausts, and he wondered whether this had prompted the drivers to come to Axminster.

“My neighbours are being driven crazy by the situation – there will be a terrible accident soon,” he warned. “They go too fast, showing off.”

Mr Bruno added that he understood there had also been a lot of drug taking at the Flamingo Pool car park, although he thought this had now been stopped.

Cllr Mervyn Symes said police at Seaton had new equipment to measure the level of noise from exhausts and determine whether it was within legal limits. It was hoped to get a machine in Axminster.

Deputy mayor Jeremy Walden said it was not just a question of having machines to measure the noise but also of having police in the town at the time.

“And frankly they are not,” he said. “We need police on site or they will continue until someone stops them.”

Meanwhile, town councillors are also concerned that police reports of a continuing drop in crime levels in Axminster may not be painting the whole picture.

Cllr Moulding said the figures reported at the quarterly East Devon Local Action Group meetings had shown crime had increased during the year, yet when officers addressed the town council a decrease was usually reported.

He thought they were not including the rural areas around the town where there was more crime.

Cllr Symes said the figures contradicted themselves all the time.

Cllr Graham Godbeer said there was a push to reduce rural crime which was higher than it should be.

Cllr Douglas Hull said he was concerned that a number of villains in South Somerset were coming to the end of their prison terms – and might soon be back to commit more offences.

He was concerned they might “not have the police to protect us when they pop over the border”.

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