Call for crackdown on Seaton’s ‘boy racers’

Appeal to Chief Constable after claims of a ‘resurgence of noise and dangerous driving in the Underfleet car park’.

Road safety campaigners are demanding tough new action to crackdown on Seaton’s “boy racers”.

A petition has been sent to the Chief Constable of the Devon and Cornwall Police following what residents say is “the resurgence of noise and dangerous driving in the town’s Underfleet car park”.

Copies of the petition have also been sent to the chief executives and other staff employed by Devon county and East Devon district councils to try and ensure that all those involved in the scheduled re-planning of the park understand the need for “special measures” to deter anti-social driving. Seaton Town Council has also been informed.

District Councillor and Seaton champion Stephanie Jones confirmed this week: “I will certainly do everything I can to find a solution to this problem. If something can be done now, even if it is a temporary measure, it would be marvelous for the residents affected by this disturbance.”

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Safer Streets leader, Tina Trapani added: “The sooner any measure can be taken the more it will help residents feel that they are being listened to. We have been trying to get something done for years and, while we will continue to ensure that all parties involved in the future re-vamping of the car park understand the terrible effect this disturbance has on some residents, even a short term measure would be welcomed.

“The local Police have done everything possible but, especially now, they simply do not have the necessary resources. It is very difficult to understand whether these drivers actually intend to cause the distress that they undoubtedly do or whether it is just complete thoughtlessness.

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“It is hard to imagine that it is un-intentional, bearing in mind what the police presence there has been and the warnings that have been given.”

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