Call for crackdown on young drinkers in Lyme

Boy racers and litter louts are also priorities for police action

UNDER-AGE drinking and yobbish behaviour have been ranked top priorities for police action in Lyme Regis.

Boy racers using car parks and people speeding through town centre and along local estate roads will also be targeted.

Priority areas for action were identified during the latest Police and Communities Together (PACT) meeting.

Chief concern was youngsters drinking alcohol and leaving litter on Marine Parade and in Lister and Langmoor Gardens.

Anti-social driving was next on the list, with particular concern about excessive speeds in Anning Road, King’s Way and Broad Street.

Community beat manager, PC Richard Winward, said the team hoped to have as much success in dealing with the latest concerns as with the previous ones.

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Priorities last month included vehicles parking on the pavement in Summerhill Road, which had been resolved after letters were sent to all the residents, and the “disgusting” state of public toilets, which was being dealt with by local councils.

The problem of lorries delivering in Broad Street, outside permitted hours, had been taken up by West Dorset District Council, which was the enforcing authority.

As their officers could not be in Lyme at all times, the pubic is now being asked to report persistent offenders to them, so officers can be sent to Lyme at problem times.

PC Winward added: “Many other issues raised at the last meeting by the public have been resolved successfully, such as the overgrown area along the river walk, now clear, blocked drains, missing no cycling signs and incomplete yellow lines.”