Call for pedal power in Honiton

Honiton councillor inspired after trip to the north-east.

A HONITON town councillor is looking to bring sustainable travel to the town and encourage more pedal power.

As a keen cyclist, Councillor Sharon Pavey, who is the local Green Party co-ordinator, says she would like to see opportunities for cycling developed in Honiton to help cut car journeys and congestion, reduce harmful emissions and improve health.

She was inspired after a recent visit to the north-east where she took the opportunity to find out more about Darlington’s status as a cycling demonstration town.

Councillor Pavey said: “I was interested to find out that 34 per cent of car journeys in Darlington had the potential to be made using alternative transport or walking/cycling. It makes you wonder what that figure is here in Honiton which is a much smaller town with shorter distances from the outskirts into the centre.”

She added: “Apparently two out of three trips we make are less than five miles so there is a lot of potential to walk or cycle, but people do need safe routes, support and encouragement.”

Councillor Pavey is now talking with transport officers to find out what plans they have to develop sustainable transport in the county and will be reporting these findings back to the town council.