Call for playground booze ban

Axminster councillor wants police to be given powers to make arrests and stop drunken behaviour

An Axminster councillor is calling for alcohol to be banned from all the town’s play areas.

Douglas Hull says action is needed to stop drunken troublemakers congregating at places where children go.

He said the current booze bans at the Foxhill and North Street playgrounds should be extended to cover all such areas across the town.

Mayor Andrew Moulding agreed with the sentiment and said it could overcome problems there had been at Millwey Rise. But he said they needed to find out how they could go about it.

Members agreed with Cllr Graham Godbeer that they should consult the licensing committee at East Devon District Council to see what powers needed to be used to effect such a ban.

• Cllr Hull told The Herald that he was becoming increasingly concerned at noise and rowdy behaviour.

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“We are getting people coming around with cars, bringing drinks to play areas and using them as a place to meet young ladies,” he said.

“I want to see us ban drink from all the play areas so police can go in and make arrests.”

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