“Callous” disregard for Seaton woman’s plea for help

Head injured woman left to crawl in the snow

GOOD Samaritans were in short supply this Christmas when a Seaton woman fell on the ice and badly injured her head.

Chrissie Hopkins’ desperate pleas for help were ignored by two passers-by as she crawled - semi conscious - across a snow covered car park.

Recovering after hospital treatment this week she told how her faith in human nature had been dashed by the callous lack of compassion.

Kind-hearted Mrs Hopkins, 53, and her builder husband Kevin had spent Thursday morning helping elderly neighbours, in Marsh Road, clearing snow from their drives and bringing in shopping supplies.

Later she decided to take her dogs for a walk but slipped as she crossed the nearby car park, hitting her head and knocking herself out.

When she eventually came around a man was walking past and, she is certain, clearly saw what had happened.

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But as she pleaded with him for help he turned away and kept on walking.

Then, as she continued to crawl on all fours across the park, a woman motorist got into her car and drove off – straight past her.

Mrs Hopkins said: “I could not believe it. Eventually I managed to fall across the road and get indoors to be greeted by my husband who was on the way out.”

Although home from hospital on Monday, Mrs Hopkins said she was still suffering double vision and felt disorientated.

She added: “To be fair, with snow everywhere, the woman in the car might just not have seen me.

“But the man who walked past heard me shout and ask him for help – he just looked the other way. I could not believe someone could be that callous. You’d think people would be kinder, especially at this time of year and after my husband and I had been out helping others.”

Mrs Hopkins’ daughter, Kerry McConville, heard what happened at her home in Australia.

She said: “I hope that the people that left her there have a conscience. Please people, help your fellow friends whether you know them or not, if you see someone struggling. help them, the society of today’s world saddens me and we need to help each other.”