Camera system good for who?

We are writing to express our opinion on the new camera system in place at the Co-op Car Park.

We are writing to express our opinion on the new camera system in place at the Co-op Car Park.

As residents will know, Seaton Phoenix regularly uses the open space outside the Grove (thanks to the landowner) on a Saturday morning to raise funds. As soon as the camera system at the car park became known we duly made the Co-op manager aware of the cars and their owners which would be traversing their area in order to reach the Grove. Unfortunately, one car owner, who was listed, has already received two penalty notices from ParkingEye Ltd. When the first one was questioned, the only response by ParkingEye was to issue two photos of the car. Obviously, Seaton Phoenix has raised this issue with the company concerned, also with the Co-op head office, but it makes us wonder at the wider issues here.

It appears that the system has been introduced across many Co-op car parks, but this one has not taken into consideration the right of way that exists for residents/users. We wonder if the system has any flexibility to accommodate said residents should they have to use alternative cars, or will they have to notify the camera operators of any changes, even temporary ones.

Whilst we can appreciate the effort to have the car park primarily for use by Co-op shoppers, it appears that having a 24-hour surveillance system running for premises that are open for only 14 is wasting an opportunity to be more community spirited, especially in these difficult times. The Co-op prides itself on its tagline "Good for Everyone", but in this case (at �90 a time) it would seem that it is, in fact, "Good for ParkingEye Ltd".

The Committee of Seaton Phoenix feel that the Co-op should at least waive this managed car parking system until they can guarantee that legitimate users of this right of way will not be penalised.

B A Dearden-Potter

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