Can we have our shelter back?

To Seaton Town Council We do appreciate our councillors and the work they do for Seaton town and people.

To Seaton Town CouncilWe do appreciate our councillors and the work they do for Seaton town and people.But, we do feel that they have made a terrible mistake regarding the removal of the shelter on the promenade.This shelter is used every day of the year by both young and old. A place to meet friends and chat with visitors.It shelters us from the constant cold winds, the rain and the dazzling sun all year round. A resting place.A 'shower', on the other hand, would be used by very few who are fit enough to walk over the pebbles and climb the 'mountain' of sliding stones. To plunge into a suddenly deep, raging sea that is icy cold, even in our so-called summer, with high winds and showery days.Such tough people only require a shower/tap, not luxury accommodation to be left unused most of the year.Even our tough young working men tell us they rarely, if ever, go into our sea. They laughed at the idea!Few are the days when children can safely take a dip, as the beach shelves steeply and waves come crashing in and undercurrents are too strong for under 12s.We need more shelters and more toilets for the people who live in Seaton and walk our promenade every day. Also there are coach loads of elderly visitors, who can just manage to walk to the front and collapse in the shelter. Often the open seats are too damp from rain and spray to sit on. The shelter is their only refuge.May we have our shelter back?Please.Mr and Mrs A D Lucas55 Scalwell LaneSeaton