Cannabis row after man defends right to smoke drug in hos own home

A FORMER resident of Axminster s Millwey Rise estate has hit back at a man s claims he has a right to smoke cannabis in his own home.

A FORMER resident of Axminster's Millwey Rise estate has hit back at a man's claims he has a right to smoke cannabis in his own home.

The Axminster woman, who does not wish to be named, said there was a strong smell of cannabis in the area, which disturbed neighbours.

Last week Steven Kelly, of Millwey Rise, told the Midweek Herald that the smell was no more offensive than cooking curry.

But the former resident said: "People wouldn't complain about someone cooking curry, because that's not illegal.

"He [Mr Kelly] thinks he's doing nothing wrong, but he is.

"I feel sorry for people living around him - they're the real victims. Why should he push his lifestyle ideas on them?

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"He thinks he has a right to smoke in his own home, but where's their right to say what they do and do not like or want?"

Mr Kelly, 33, was caught growing 74 cannabis plants in his home last year and has since carried out community work for it.

His comments came after Millwey Rise residents complained to the Herald last month that their homes were being infiltrated by the whiff of the Class B drug.

But police and council officials have said they are powerless to act.

Mr Kelly, of Bonners Causeway, told the Herald he smoked an average of one to two cigarettes a day, with a small amount of cannabis.

But the resident concerned said he should smoke in a field so as not to bother people.

She said: "It makes me feel sick that he can flout the law.

"It's like he's laughing in the face of the law.